Becky (joans_journal) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello all. I have a question about Microgestin 1/20.

Forgive me, as this is long-winded: I started taking the pill on the 8th of Nov, after being on Nuva Ring for 8 years with no issues. For one , I started my period before the pack of pills ended, on the 29th and I'm STILL on my period on the 4th. That's 6 days which is unusually long for me, I usually only bleed for 3 days 4 at most. There is no signs of it's bright red blood, not particularly heavy but definitely steady. I'm supposed to start a new pack on the 8th, but honestly I don't know if I want to deal with week-long periods. Do you think this will be the norm? So I guess I wait three months and see if it "regulates" or what other options do I have?
Anyone else experienced any of this? Help!
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