Lacey (flowered) wrote in vaginapagina,

Need some peace of mind!

Hey everyone! I am in serious need of some knowledge and peace of mind from you lovely people. Here are the details:

In November, about two weeks into my active pills, I was late taking a few of them. (Each on different days.) The times varied from 30mins to 2ish hours I believe. I was NOT sexually active during this time. I did however, completely miss one pill and have to take two in the same day. (I am on Lutera and have been for about two years, and I have always been VERY GOOD about taking them at the same time. This month was a fluke.)

At this point, I was still not sexually active. I had become paranoid that I might get pregnant if I did anything with anyone. Shortly after this missed pill, I got a yeast infection and had some spotting at the same time. (Oh, joy!)

About a week later (and I took the pill every day at the same time for this new week), when it came time for my period to come, (STILL NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE) it came, but it was VERY light. Lighter than normal. Only spotting on a few of the days, and enough for me to wear a tampon maybe one or two days.

Now, my pack of Lutera says that if I miss a pill, and have to take two in the same day, I have to use a backup method for seven days. Well, I wasn't having sex so I wasn't too worried but I still waited the seven days (these seven days overlapped with inactive pills aka the length of my "period") before I started becoming sexually active again.

I was paranoid about the light bleeding and took a pregnancy test while on my period. I know. I'm stupid. It was negative.

Then, I started a new pack of pills and decided (since I had waited seven days in the previous pack with no sexual activity) to become sexually active on the 2nd day of my new pack. We use condoms as well and they have not broken. I have taken the pill at the same time every day for this new month.

Do I have anything to worry about this month? Am I being paranoid? Did I just screw my cycle up last month and eveything will be normal again this month? Could I be pregnant?

Sorry for the length, but please shed some light on this! I'm freaking out here. :(
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