lyra (call_itquits) wrote in vaginapagina,

Red Bumps...

Another "what are these red bumps?" post but I've been worried for so long and haven't been able to make an appointment with my gynecologist up until now. Any advice would be appreciated!

I started birth control (Yasmin) at the beginning of August and slept with a boy at the end of the month (mostly protected, once unprotected). I started having thicker, drippy white discharge about two weeks later but thought it might be an effect of the birth control so I decided to wait it out. I slept with the same boy mid September and then developed itchy red bumps in my genital area - but only where there was pubic hair. This was mostly concentrated on my upper pelvis, nothing internal. Two days later I developed an odd shaped bump on my inner thigh that grew within hours and made my entire leg sore, it had a white head and was raised. I also got a fever so I went to the doctor the next day but I think the fever just turned out to be an oncoming cold. The doctor didn't do any testing but prescribed Cipro for the raised bump and cortisone cream for the smaller bumps on my pelvis.

Things seemed to be under control but I slept with the boy again mid October (again, mostly protected but once unprotected) and traveled to Morocco (I got food poisoning and went to a bath house so there's a chance I could have contracted something there?). I spent all of November with strange new red bumps in my genital region - about 15 of them at the height of it but they are not clustered at all, just scattered. They look like mosquito bites and come and go in in less than a week, but there is always a new one coming up. There is still nothing internal but my labia has sores - the skin looks pink and is tender to the touch. Other than that, the bumps are slightly itchy and sometimes painful but not too much. The strangest thing about all this is I'll get a random pimple-looking bump somewhere on my leg, similar to what I had on my inner thigh 2 months ago but much less painful. Right now I have one on my knee. I'm not sure what infection I have, if it's an STD or some sort of allergic reaction to something, but it's strange it is only happening in my genital area and lower body. I've googled everything and it doesn't look like any of the images I've found.

Has anyone experienced something like this? I am planning on going to Planned Parenthood next week to get tested. I've never been to PP before - are the tests expensive? Is it hard to make an appointment? I have insurance but would rather not use it since it is billed to my parents..
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