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Follow up to the follow up ... LOL

Ok, so I went for my ultrasound today and well after a lot pushing (on a very full bladder), then an internal transvaginal they found the yok sack but no heart beat. The tech said she had a hard time finding it and that it is to small still for a heart beat, so I feel better about that.

This ultrasound was to make sure that it was not an eptopic pregnancy and the tech confirmed it was not, so that is a huge relief, I just wish they could give you more information ... is it normal not to see a heart beat yet? Is me being heavier the reason why it was so hard to find and the reason why she had to do a transvaginal? Am I 7 wks along or am I less?

I have so many questions and I have to wait till Monday to talk to my dr. and even then she may not have the results yet.

Am I being paranoid or is it normal not to see the heart beat and for it to be so hard to see? The tech was so, non-communicative, and it was very frustrating.
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