rebeccabritney (rebeccabritney) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI solution

This is my first post on here, but I have been reading a bit on the UTI subject. I have suffered from UTI's since I was a child. I was on antibiotics until I was 5 due to the frequency of them. My mother, luckily, looked for alternate solutions. We visited an interesting doctor that laughed at the subject and told her to make me eat yogurt. She thought it was a joke. After everything we had been through up to this, doctors appointments, x-rays, pill after pill, and he said to eat yogurt. He said if it didn't work, we didn't have to pay him. We left the doctors office, started to eat a yogurt a week and I have yet to have another...except when I forget to eat my yogurt (i really dont like yogurt or cranberry juice). Both of these have helped significantly in my UTI health.the yogurt is supposed to have "active cultures" in it. Its written on the label. I hope this helps someone. And dont forget to eat your yogurt...
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