Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question about Depo. How long is too long to be on it?

Hi, everyone.

I have a question about Depo (the shot). I started getting the shots several months after I had a laparoscopy for an endo cyst and they also found endo at the time of surgery. My periods had gotten so painful I couldn't deal with them anymore, so going on Depo has been a huge, huge relief. Having no periods has been absolutely amazing. The pain I got from endo was EXTREME and I couldn't function when I had my period.

I have been on Depo since June 14, 2012. Is it true that you are only supposed to be on it for two years? Honestly, I am afraid to get off of it because it's been a life saver and a blessing to me because I am actually able to function and not worry about having excruciating pain for several days out of the month.

Before I was on Depo I tried Camila, but it didn't stop my periods, which means continued pain. I think the pain was less at the beginning, but after a few periods, the pain went back to being intolerable.

Just as an aside, I am not open to trying BC containing estrogen so have not tried any of those.

Has anyone here been on Depo longer than two years? I have just recently gone back to college for a second degree (which will take three to three and a half years most likely) and really don't want to have to get off Depo because when my periods come back I will most likely go back to having extreme pain and then missing several classes a month, which just can't happen if I want to succeed in my classes.

Any help, opinions and/or input is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
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