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Some more advice needed .... *sigh* .... sorry!!!

Hello everyone,

I am just doing a follow up to my previous post.

I went to the doctors and she did an internal exam and there was no more bleeding, she checked my cervix and it was close, she also checked my fallopian tubes to make sure that I was not having an ectopic pregnancy and she said it felt fine.

She sent me for a STAT HCG and said I should have the results back in a day, so away I went on pins and needles. I waited 24 hours and got the phone call.

My hormone levels were still rising!

So she said not to worry that I was doing ok, but if there were any other concerns to feel free and call her. But she was sending me for a STAT ultrasound just to make sure everything was ok.

So we told everyone … and everyone was shocked, but so happy for me. I never thought I would have the joy of telling people those two words “I’m pregnant”.

It was the best time ever.

Then this past Wednesday I went to the washroom and had to bare down a little harder than normal to go to the washroom, everything was fine then but when I went back an hour later (yes the cursed needing to pee often has hit me) there was some light pink blood on the paper when I wiped. But not on my panties and none in the water.

So on Thursday I called the doctor and she faxed over the lab req. and I headed over there, and had to wait again for the results … this time it took a lot longer and on Monday I got the call … the hormones are still climbing!

So all is still good.

I go for my ultrasound on Thursday; I can’t wait … maybe that will put my mind at ease.

I haven’t had any bleeding since then but I do still have some cramping and pressure but it’s not bad enough to make me want to go to the hospital, I am hoping the ultrasound can explain it.

I do have a question, is it normal to have some minor cramping when in your first trimester?

I am 7 wks 2days along, so I know my uterus is growing. My cousin said she had it, and that yes it’s annoying and sort of scary but it is normal.
Either way, other than the EXTREMELY sore breast/nipples, EXTREME tiredness and hunger flocculants I feel pretty good, no morning sickness yet!

Thanks in advance for any advice from everyone, I do love this community!
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