niharana (niharana) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very Painful Nipples?

My husband and I were thinking of trying to get pregnant, so I was off birth control for about 3 weeks. We decided to go back onto bieth control, and I have been back on it for a little over a week now. Not doing my research, we had unprotected sex the day I went back on it. Since last Tuesday (I went back on hbc on last Saturday) my nipples have been extremely painful to the touch and aldo get hard much easier than usual. This did not happen when I started the birth control a while back, and I did not change pills. The pill I am on is lo ovral. Also, I am having excessive discharge that does not seem to be from a yeast infection. I am having some pain in my uterine area as well. I know that it is possible that I am pregnant but I wanted to see of anyone had any other ideas. If it helps, I am a top heavy dd.
Thanks for your help!
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