Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! What do you think makes a superstar VP maintainer?

It's MMMMonday! Each Monday, we bring you special, maintainer-curated content intended to enrich your VP experience. Please note that you can find past MMMMonday posts using the "mmmmonday" tag.

Also, a quick reminder about the other places you can find VP: vp_bulletins for local announcements; contact_vp for questions and feedback on the way VP is run; the Vulvapedia for basic questions; and don't forget about our sibling community over on Dreamwidth!

The VP maintainer team is made up of dedicated volunteers who are also teachers, students, parents, volunteers in their communities, health care workers, small business owners, child care providers, and more. Some of the responsibilities of being a VP maintainer are reading VP often and keeping up with the maintainer community, engaging with members in the community, CVP, and email, helping to maintain safer space for our members, and pitching in on projects like the MMMMMonday posts and LRU. In the past we organized the Everyday Bodies Project, and there are always exciting new ideas popping up for future endeavors!

Since the VP team is looking for new volunteers, we were wondering what you think the ideal SSM would be like! You can nominate a specific person here, but what personality traits, qualities, or special skills would you ideally want?"
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