hikari87 (hikari87) wrote in vaginapagina,

What's been your experience with ortho tri cyclen?

So about a month ago my boyfriend and I exchanged virginities, and we've been having sex regularly (with condoms) since then. We discussed birth control options and I got a prescription from my doctor for ortho tri cyclen BC pills. I want to start taking them after my next period (probably in about two weeks) but since I've never been on HBC before I was curious to know what kind of side effects y'all fine folks who've used this type have experienced.

Not sure if relevant---I've taken plan B twice (once just to be safe when bf and I were getting handsy and things got a little...messy, and once because the first time we had sex we were stupid and drunk and although it only lasted a few seconds and he didn't come, we weren't using protection.) Neither time did I experience any kind of side effects whatsoever. I don't know if this might indicate anything wrt how severe of side effects I might have with ortho tri cyclen.
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