xlunaazulx (xlunaazulx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control pill (Alesse) and amoxicillin (antibiotic/penicillin)

Hi there,

I was prescribed amoxicillin (500mg) for a sinus infection. I asked the pharmacist if it would affect my birth control pill but he wasn't open to giving me more details about the type of interaction it would have besides saying "yes, it will decrease the effectiveness of Alesse.

My question are: For how long do I need to use a back-up method of birth control? Do I need to be extra careful until my next period? What kind of side effects should I expect? Do I need to be careful even after my next period?

I started taking amoxicillin the day my period started (day 24 of my current cycle) and I will be taking it for 7 days (day 3 of my new cycle)

Thank you in advance for your help!
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