elliemayye (elliemayye) wrote in vaginapagina,

Am i pregnant?

I had sex with my boyfriend alot in October. We were using the pull out method until he came inside me. we took a plan B pill just to be safe. maybe a week or so later, we were using a condom and IT SPLIT. He came directly inside me. I had a lot of bleeding at random times during the month. Then, towards the end of the month i bled for 3 days. Its now late november and a LOT of stuff has gone down. First off, i have these bright veins in my boobs that lead down to my nipples. sometimes they are very noticeable, sometimes they arent as notifiable but i can still see them. My boobs are VERY sore, But only on the sides, near my armpits. My aerolas are VERY puffy, but they dont hurt. They have little red/white bumps on them. I have also been very nauseas in the morning, but i dont puke. I just feel sick. And, my ankles and legs hurt if i stand too long.  I can also be really hungry at times, but when i think of food my stomach like...recoils and im not hungry anymore. my period is Due in five days, but i dont have the signs i usually have. are these early symptoms of pregnancy? Please, please help me.
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