chipie (chipie) wrote in vaginapagina,

worried about the health of my uterus

Hi VP!

Lately I've been worried about my uterus.  I've had one abortion and 3 different IUDs (one of them I got pregnant with, hence the abortion), in a pretty short period of time (2 years).  As a midwifery student, I keep hearing that abortions can cause scarring of the uterus, "incompetent cervix", and a host of other issues.  I can't quite tell if these risks are real or a pro-life invention...  Still, I can't help feeling that, with all this IUD + abortion action, my poor uterus must not be happy.  I really want to have children one day and I'm worried this will impact my ability to have children.

I guess I'm hoping for some reassurance, even if it's based on anecdotes and not science!  I know there's no way to predict what my future fertility will be like.  I think I just feel the need to talk about it in hopes of getting this fear out of my system.

edit: I should add that there is no physical reason for this fear.  I don't have any pain or other concerning symptoms, and I never had any complications following the abortion or IUD insertions...  So hopefully that's a good sign!

Thank you!

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