Sarah Ashton (bizarregospel) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Ashton

Constantly worried about pregnancy

So bare with me here... And this is my first post but a friend told me about how awesome this community is! I seem to have a fear of pregnancy, clearly irrational. I'm on birth control, usually make him wear a condom and sometimes use plan b just to insure I don't find myself with child. I've only had sex a few times and have probably taken dozens of pregnancy tests. I should buy stock in clear blue. Does anyone experience total anxiety to the point of borderline insanity with this? Recently I slept with someone, had my off week of the pill, the condom broke, took plan b and he didn't finish and I'm still worrying myself to death. Any suggestions on how to combat this fear? I do this to myself every time I sleep with someone and I'd really like to have a normal sex life.
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