sarah (herminia) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD and frequent UTIs and two too many kidney infections!

Hi all. I've had the Paragard for 11 months. I suspect that I'm prone to UTIs but since getting the IUD, and despite trying to do everything right (going to the bathroom before and after unprotected sex with my partner, for example), I've had several UTIs and two kidney infections, including one that was severe enough to land me in the hospital last week. I'm wondering if the UTIs/kidney infections and IUD might be related in some way--that the IUD might increase my susceptibility. Any experiences/info you might have very welcome.

Just FYI, I've had a terrible time with the Paragard and have had bad cramping nearly constantly since insertion, including pain where it feels like the Paragard is tearing up the wall of my uterus or splintering through my cervix. I am most likely breaking up with my IUD this week, and I'm hoping that will help, but the last few months have just been so miserable that I wanted to collect some outside opinions.
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