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Hereditary Early Menopause?

I've not posted here before, so please let me know if I've done it wrong.

Most of the women on my mother's side of the family went through early menopause. My nan was the latest at about 41/42, 2 of her sisters in their mid 30's and had no children, the other had one daughter, but died young - I don't know the reason, it was back in the 1950's. My mum went through it at 39/40, and needed to have progesterone injections through her 2 successful pregnancies (me and my brother) to maintain them when she was 35 and 36.

Me/my question.

I am currently 34 (35 in May next year) For the last 18 months my periods have become more and more erratic. (They were 28 days like clock work before. I am not on hormonal birth control - haven't been for more than 7 years.)
Periods could be 3 days long or 10 days, heavy or light, the cycle could be 35 days or it could be 17 days. No two months are the same any more.

For the last 6 months I've had luteal phase spotting and an increasingly short luteal phase. Last cycle it was just 9 days. This I've read is a sign of low progesterone.

I mentioned this to my doctor (I needed antibiotics for my first ever UTI) and mooted the idea of early menopause. She told me that menopause before 50 is massively unlikely, menopause always mean longer gaps between periods and there was no evidence what so ever for age at menopause to be linked to that of other female relatives. I was still worried she told me to keep a record of my cycles for the next 6 to 9 months and then speak to her again if the cycles got longer.

This felt like utter rubbish advice (and didn't fit with what's on the NHS website - I'm in the UK by the way).

So I've bought a Follical stimulating hormone test for menopause to try to back me up in what I'm saying. Test has come back positive for raised levels meaning I'm finding it hard to ovulate/am not ovulating any more.

So should I go back to my doctor and show her these results now? Or wait, do the six month cycle recording thing, do the test again then and show her in six months time?

I'm not really concerned about lack of fertility aspect, I've got one little boy, and wasn't looking to have more children. More concerned about osteoporosis - my mum's lost about three inches in height, stoops over and broke a rib through coughing too hard because of it - she's only 69 - not an old lady by any means.
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