Anetra (lovehimnot) wrote in vaginapagina,

plan b questions

i need some advice, please! :)
last week friday (nov 1st), i had unprotected sex and i took a plan B on sunday (nov 3rd).  i ended up having sex again on friday nov 8, which was unprotected as well. then i took a plan B for that the day after (saturday) around 10:30pm. on the same saturday, the condom broke and he ejaculated inside me (we finished having sex around midnight). ironically my period started, presumably from the plan b i took on nov 3. should i buy a plan b today or will i be ok?

thanks a million for the help. i def learned my lesson. i cant get to my dr right now. if anyone could ask their doctor or provide some advice for me, i'd really appreciate it.
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