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Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Sexual health and the military.

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Today marks Armistice Day (celebrated in most of Europe), Remembrance Day (in Canada), and Veterans Day (in the United States). In light of the connection all of these days have with various armed services, we'd like to discuss the connection those armed services have with sexual and reproductive health. How have you observed or experienced the ways in which military service and sexual health and wellness intersect? To explain the kind of connections we mean - it could be anything from the staggeringly high rates of sexual assault in the military to the experience of having a period while serving, whatever you'd like to talk about. (There's a piece about menstruating while in the U.S. military at the Lunapads blog - though it should be noted it features cis-centric language.)

We are thinking of all who are serving or have served today. Thank you!
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