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Transvaginal ultrasound results

Hey guys, so I've made a few posts recently - here, here and here. Just thought I'd make a post now I've had most results, in case anyone else is having or will have similar issues in the future, this might be useful.

First the results I've had - negative for HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis B and C. Awesome! I wasn't really worried about those, but the tests were all free, and it's good to know.

I was however diagnosed with trichomoniasis (without lab testing...weird, but okay), and since I finished those antibiotics, my discharge was even weirder, and last Sunday there was so much blood I was concerned I'd started my period two weeks early. Then on Monday, it had stopped, so my new concern was why is blood just coming out of my vagina. Some of it looked new and some looked old (dark brown). Also the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection for which I used Canestan ovules and cream and it cleared up. Ugh, it's just one thing after another. Hopefully things are finally coming to an end.

So yesterday I had the ultrasound and also did a vaginal bacterial analysis, as well as the test for chlamydia. It was so expensive I almost hope I have it! I haven't found anywhere in this country that tests chlamydia for free :/ I go on Tuesday to pick up all my results from the medical centre then I go back to the gynecologist to discuss them.

But the thing I was most worried about...the ultrasound. I was convinced it would show cysts or tumours or something. If STD tests had been negative, what else could it be? But showed nothing. My uterus and ovaries all look more or less normal. So why all the bloody discharge and irregular periods? Who knows. The only "off" thing the doctor saw was that there was some inflammation in my uterus, but he said that could just be because of where I am in my cycle.

Does anyone think this could be symptomatic of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? I've had a couple of infections now and the trich I think went about a year without being treated because it wasn't tested for (I went to the free NHS testing clinic last December, they don't test for trich and I didn't even know it existed). The doctor who did the ultrasound said that my gynecologist should order hormone tests to see if that gives any answers. I just thought I'd update, in case anyone else is having lots of bloody discharge or just weird discharge. I really thought it could only be a cyst or tumour. But this goes to show that scary symptoms can have non-scary results.
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