Alyce (thalionhiril) wrote in vaginapagina,

Menstruating (presumably) on day 14 of cycle

I started spotting around day 12 and 13 of my cycle, which I attributed to ovulation.  However, around day 14 the bleeding was heavier and period and still bleeding on day 16.  It is lighter than more normal cycle, but seeing a few clots when I wipe and I have mild cramps.

Background: history of pcos, very rare periods until recently.  On hormonal birth control until two years ago when I switched to FAM.  Periods have begun to regulate (for me) and cycles last from 30-50 days.  Starting a week ago I stopped eating sugar and grains.

I'm planning on calling my midwife tomorrow, but feeling a little confused about what's going on with my body and looking for some insight, if there is any to be given.  I've never menstruated this closely together before and I'm assuming it's not typical.  Should I be concerned? Or is this just something that happens for various, non-emergency related reasons?
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