kate201 (kate201) wrote in vaginapagina,


I really need help !
Okay so I'm on the pill and sometimes by boyfriend put it in for a bit without a condom while we're having sex and then takes it out and puts on the condom , I guess that counts as unprotected sex , well he's only ever had sex with me and I'm the same, But I have been experiencing symptoms like vaginal discharge, swollen anus, slight itching but not to much , and I feel a bit of discomfort on my right side where my liver is?
Is it possible for me to have gotten chlamydia from him or what should i do ?! I have an appointment with my doctor on the 18th so should I tell my mom that I think I might have an infection or what ?!
I'm freaking out so all the advice is welcome,
Thank you :(
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