Andrea (fushigi_na_chou) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help me understand my vagina

So, this question feels a little weird to be asking, but I'm curious and hate not knowing everything I possibly can about my girl. I'm sorry for all the descriptions of my vagina that are to follow.

I was doing some, ahem, exploring this evening in a new full length mirror I recently purchased, and out of pure curiosity, wanted to see what things looked like if I turned around and bent forward. Let me tell you, that literally put a whole new perspective on my vagina. At any rate, as I was pulling things apart and looking closely, it seemed that there were even more layers of ... skin, I guess? deeper inside, which I'd never really noticed with my fingers or from exploring at other angles. It almost reminded me of flower petals, not to sound overly poetic about my nether parts. I also noticed that if I sort of pushed everything out like I was bearing down, from that angle it appeared that something else sort of poked out from the middle of it all.

Google was unable to help me understand what these parts are. I'm wondering if the fleshier parts were simply just the vaginal walls, but being all spread and exposed as they were, seemed to be something else? I don't think I've ever had a hymen to be honest -- I think I'm just one of those girls that may have been born without one, but I wouldn't really know what one looked like if I saw it, so maybe the "petals" were it? I've never experienced any pain or discomfort during PIV sex that would indicate stretching or tearing of a hymen, and it's never occurred to me to ask my gyn if she could tell. As far as the part that poked out from the center -- is it possible it was my cervix? I don't know if certain angles or whatever could actually bring it low enough to be so visible through the vaginal entrance, but otherwise I have no idea what it could be.

So, could anyone help me understand these parts? I'm sorry it's such a weird question, but I just really like knowing. Thanks in advance. 8D
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