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Nexplanon Implant Insertion

Hi VagPagers!

There's not much info on here about Implanon/Nexplanon, so I just thought I'd add my insertion experience, for anyone thinking about having one.

I used to be on Cerazette, and then have had the copper IUD for the past 2.5 years. It's really not working for me - lots of pain in my cervix and abdomen, with heavy bleeding during my period, spotting for ages around ovulation and abdominal pain, so I'm going to have it removed in a few weeks.

I went to a walk-in clinic, where I'd been told they would insert Nexplanon there and then.

After a bit of a wait, I went in to the doctor, who took a quick medical history, and history of past contraception methods (and why I'd given up on them!).

Then I lay on the bed, and she put my left arm up over my head. She warned me the anaesthetic would sting, but I've had anaesthetic injections before, and they never have - this one didn't either. She said I must have a high pain threshold, but I think I just don't react that way!

As we waited for the anaesthetic to work I held a tissue over the area, as the injection sites were bleeding slightly, and she filled out the little plastic card you get given - it states the insertion/removal dates, what it is you have, and acts as a warning to medical professionals that you have the implant, it is visible in x-rays and they shouldn't try to remove it as a foreign object!

I have to admit I didn't watch exactly what she did, but there was zero pain. A little bit of jostling, she apologised that she'd bruised me, and tried to squeeze as much of the blood out of the area as possible.  Then she was putting steri-strips over the insertion site. Got me to feel it, so I knew how it should be, then she popped a bandage around my arm, and I was free to go.

Bandage has to stay on for 2 days, steri-strips for four. If I want to shower I need to wrap my arm in cling film for the first few days.

I went straight to work, and I do quite a lot of heavy lifting and it did bleed quite a lot later on. But partly because the bandage that the doc put on it was rubbish! So I had it rebandaged and have had no problems since :)

It hurts a tiny bit, but not much - just when I stretch my arm up and it squeezes on the bruise. I am very black and blue!

I shall try to remember to give some updates for anyone else interested, if that would be useful.
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