saya (saya_l) wrote in vaginapagina,

too fucking wet T___T


i have a persistent problem. i get too wet. wayyy too wet. it gets to a point where we feel nothing and just look at each other and laugh because... yea. we do try to wipe but that doesn't really do much, it takes maybe a couple seconds for the wetness to take over again. its really frustrating. im trying to do kegels right now, but looking for other options as well.

is it because i'm looser now possibly? i mean, ive always been on the wetter side, but friction hasn't been this big of a problem in the beginning. but it's not like i'm doing any major vaginal stretching >___> . sigh.

this week in particular, it was a weird because i had more discharge than normal and during sex it was more watery than ever before. even if i do get wet, it used to be a more sticky consistency. maybe this is just a fluke or bodily conditions, who knows.

anywho, anyone have any suggestions? T_____T

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