zedrobber (zedrobber) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex injury question

Hi everyone!
I recently have been experiencing vaginal pain during penetrative sex- my partner is cis-female and using dildos/strap-on for penetration. I know the issue- I enjoy rough doggy-style sex, and the strap-on's angle is slightly off because it is quite rigid, and has hit/bumped/scratched the upper wall of the entrance to my vagina, several times, quite hard. (The closest side to my clitoris, if that makes sense). This has made it almost impossible for me to have my favourite kind of sex as I think there is a scratch or tear, which is a little annoying. Obviously I'm going easy, have been avoiding penetration for a few days, and am making sure to keep the area as un-aggravated as possible, but does anyone here have any tips to help it along a little bit? I'd like it to heal already so I can get back to my regularly scheduled fun times! Anything is appreciated!
Thanks lovely people :3
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