bethygirl1 (bethygirl1) wrote in vaginapagina,

What should a vagina feel like? and does mine have any similarities to yours?

I'm only 15, I'm however not a virgin, i'm currently in a relationship and i've been with him for a year (this post is not to get a lecture on how i aren't legal). When i was about 12 i noticed I had alot and i mean ALOT of bumps and lumps down there all in the entrance, only on one side of my vaginal wall though on the 'top side' where my belly button is. I have been to the doctors about 20 million times (over exaggerated). At first they said genital warts which i knew couldn't have been right because I was a virgin and hadn't had sexual contact when i discovered them (it was later proven not to be genital warts). They then continued to tell me it was normal. I then did alot of research, i still google this every night to see if anything new has been posted. It has come to my attention something called 'rugae'. This is described to be ridged on the vaginal wall like the top of my tongue however mine is MUCH worse than this, it is kind of like maze of fleshy tissue! When me and my boyfriend decided the time was right to go further I had to tell him because i am that self conscious about it and what he would think (which wasn't the easiest of things to tell someone). I have spoke to many of my friends about it and they said their vaginas aren't smooth but no way are they describing it to be as bad as mine. Please help!!
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