goldfoil (goldfoil) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD issue - inflammation and ache post sex

Hi superstars,

NP, had my multiload IUD for a couple of years. Two weeks post-period.

Yesterday post PIV i got some horrible cramps as well as a general ache and my lower belly was very puffed up and firm to the touch. I checked my strings and nothing was amiss (strings were quite high).

Pain and puffy belly has continued today, on and off but i think it's easing. Not sure if this is something to be concerned about and if it's a sign of expulsion to come. Can you advise?

I'm thinking my cervix got bumped and it upset my IUD's placement for a moment. But i don't know since this hasn't happened before.

Any suggestions (also on how to not let this happen again?)?
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