anongirl_21 (anongirl_21) wrote in vaginapagina,

Condom Slipped Inside Me. Worrying!

My boyfriend and I were intimate last night (Oct.31) and were using a condom like we always do. While I was on top, we got a little rough and didn't notice that the condom had slipped off. We stopped and tried looking for the condom on the bed but could not find it. We realized it was inside me and we immediately were able to remove it. I immediately washed and we didn't continue after that.

I am worried about my risk of becoming pregnant. I had my period from Oct. 18 to 23 . I think I was on the 14th day of my cycle last night and I am worried about pre-cum possibly containing sperm and getting inside me as I may have been ovulating. My boyfriend peed before we started having sex and he said that he was far from ejaculating/reaching orgasm when we realized the condom had slipped off.

I do not want to take Plan B if it is unnecessary because I've read that it could be harsh on my body.

Any reassurance/comment would be really helpful. Thank you!
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