circle my mistakes (madraykin) wrote in vaginapagina,
circle my mistakes

How did I end up pregnant?

I would appreciate some insight from you folks on my current situation.

I am unable to go on any form of hormonal birth control because of a family history of blood clots and blood disorders.  So for my entire sexual life I have used condoms and my partner always pulls out when he ejaculates.
When my husband and I decided to try for a baby I started doing FAM and we got pregnant within 3 cycles.  Hurrah!  Son was born in June 2012.

My last period started August 28th.  That month we used condoms like usual until I O'd on CD15, then had sex without condoms and husband pulled out.

We found out I was pregnant at the end of September.  We knew we wanted another kid but... I really have no idea how this happened!

Husband always pees after sex, always washes his penis and hands after sex, he never ejaculated inside or near me before I ovulated and pulled out after I ovulated.

I'm a bit worried about what method of BC to use after this kid is born because I don't understand how I could have gotten pregnant with my current method.  
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