cinemaaa (cinemaaa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Considering the pill...

I'm at the point in my adult life where birth control pills are starting to feel like a necessity. Ask anyone who knows me: 3 weeks of the month, I am energetic, positive, fun, adorable, enthusiastic, determined. Then the week before my period comes, I can sometimes spiral out of control. I become suicidal some months, and do a LOT of self harm. Then it takes a month to bounce back. Rinse. Repeat a few times (10 or so) a year. It's seriously detrimental to my life and health.
It is almost as though I become a different person.
I'm 21 and never ever ever taken the pill before. I'm considering it.
In particular I want help with: acne (my acne is 100% hormonal, there isn't a person who can tell me otherwise. A week after my period, there is 0 active pimples on my face. Week before my period: LOTS), depression, and mood issues that are so highly correlated to my menstrual cycle, it's impossible to ignore.

I don't really care about pregnancy protection. I honestly don't. If the pill could help me get my life in order and fix my hormonal issues yet offer 0 pregnancy help, I'd be overjoyed.
I'm in a committed relationship. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol.

How do I know what pill to take? I want to speak to a doctor or nurse. my partner said he would come with me to do this.
I was Googling and I like the sound of the mini pill. I'm super paranoid about blood clots. I also don't want to throw up from the pill, and I want minimal side effects.

I'm so confused about all this. It would also be superduper bad if the pill made my depression worse.
Ladies, what tips do you have about side effects? What pills have worked for you? Which didn't? Did you like the pill? Is it possible I experience bad side effects?

What would you tell a first timer, total n00b, to the hormonal birth control world?
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