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Missing period on Mirena - a cause for concern?

Hey all.

I've had Mirena since early May 2013, making this my fifth month with it. I've had a pretty easy time with it, besides some intense PMS and some nasty ovulation/menstruation cramps.

I've been tracking my period on an app for my iPhone (it's called iPeriod; clever, no?) and it lets me know approximately when my period is supposed to be, giving me notifications when I'm supposed to have it, or if it's late by however many days.

This month, according to the app, I was supposed to start my period on (or around) the 18th. And, well, it never started.

I'm kind of not worried, but at the same time I am. I am worried because:

-I'm sexually active
-it's been eleven days

I'm not worried because:

-I'm using really reliable birth control
-I've checked my strings and they aren't out of place, meaning the IUD hasn't expelled or anything
-My boyfriend doesn't finish inside of me (except for once or twice, but it hasn't been in the last month or two)

Also, I've been having some cramping this past week. The cramps make me assume I'm going to start my period, but then nothing happens.

I know that with Mirena, periods can stop altogether. I want to believe that's what has happened here (or that my ovulation was delayed), but I had a period last month and, while it was a little lighter than pre-Mirena periods, it wasn't dwindling so fast that I would expect no period the next month.

Should I be worried?

(I've also posted this on IUD_Divas.)
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