Not so much (be_awake) wrote in vaginapagina,
Not so much

Eight Years of BV

Well, I've been diagnosed with BV yet again. AGAIN - probably the two dozenth time in these 8 years, and each episode lasts months, even years. Every time I have sex it comes back. Every single time. My doc wants me to go on yet another oral antibiotic, but I don't see the point at all since the moment I have sex again, it will be back, guaranteed.

I have been trying boric acid and most of the remedies listed here on VagPag (peroxide, vitamin C, FemDophilus, Acidophilus Reuteri, etc. I haven't tried tea tree oil yet though).  Boric acid seems to help for about a day, but I'm finding the watery discharge troublesome to the point of being difficult to manage (I have an active, athletic job - wearing and changing pads all day just does not work, and I work in the arctic so a soaked crotch isn't really an option in the winter either) , and after all the effort I've only gained a day of relief here and there.

What do you VagPag-ers recommend? Is the boric acid a longer-term treatment than I really thought? I can have one BV-free day if I insert 2 boric acid caplets at night. If I do 2 boric acid tablets two days in a row, I start bleeding. If I go back to one caplet, the BV sticks around.

Is there any point to even trying another oral antibiotic? I flat out refuse to take Flagyl again, ever, but my doc wants me to try tinidazol, which sounds as if it has exactly the same implications as Flagyl.
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