ginny587 (ginny587) wrote in vaginapagina,

Depression and HBC

Hi everyone,
I've been noticing some mood patterns coinciding with my birth control, have talked to my doctor and am trying something new but there still are a couple of oddities and the new pill has only harmed my mood.
So, story time!
Back in the day I used to deal with irregularity (anywhere between 2-8 weeks), heaviness (super plus tampon in 2 hours for 3-4 days), and cramps (prescription strength ibuprofen sort of took the edge off a little and that was it). Went on HBC at 19 after glossing over those problems for maybe 2 minutes with my doc.
One year later and Mircette was giving me migraines at the start of the new pack, so I was switched to Levlen (higher estrogen) right when some huge personal drama took place, which was what I thought was the cause of my crummy mood and sudden sleeplessness.
Fast forward 5 years (seriously, it's taken that long...) and I'm learning that the pill can cause depression. Talked to the new doc and was put on Mononessa (even higher estrogen) and my mood has plummeted. Also, I'm starting to get concerned about clot risks since I've been on it for about 6 years already.
My thoughts: the higher the estrogen the worse my mood, so lower should help. Does that sound on to anyone else or way off? Most of what I've read says that estrogen usually helps mood, but also that everyone reacts differently to these hormones.
Does the mini pill (progesterone only) help control cycles? Even if I lost the regularity combination pills have provided I could still deal as long as heaviness/cramps were at bay and I wasn't depressed any longer.
Also, are there any ways of controlling cycles without HBC? I'm starting to question how "normal" my cycles used to be and if there's something that should have been diagnosed all those years ago. I've discovered the glories of the menstrual cup as of late, which lets me sort of measure what I'm losing and it's currently about 100+ml/cycle while on the pill, which seems off.
Thank you!
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