irishbabexo21 (irishbabexo21) wrote in vaginapagina,

hi everyone I'm new here. just a typical 20 year old paranoid about getting pregnant.

i am new to this forum and this is my first post. yay welcome to me. i am 20 years old and just started becoming sexually active for i the first time with my boyfriend this summer. i was on the combined pill for 2 years, and was usually pretty good about taking the pill definitely everyday and the same time. and we used condoms each time. i still read posts about women who claim they took the pill the same time every day and used condoms, yet still got their period and were pregnant so i started freaking out. my doctor told me to stop reading those message boards. i was interested in a mirena iud so i had one put in when my period at the beginning of october started during my placebo week. but, again me being the hypochondriac i am i got too scared and had it taken out 5 days later. it wouldve been the sunday to start the pills and i had it removed on a monday and i started the pills back up again. this month with being on the pill I'm having a lot of spotting and my doctor told me it was because my hormones out of whack with the mirena and getting it out and being on the pill. my relationship is now long distance. he's away at school so we defnately can't afford any kids. i am going to visit in a couple weeks and my doctor told me that after this month the pills should be effective again when i start my new pack, even when i started this pack late. we still plan on using condoms and most of the time use the ones with spermicide just to be even more careful. i still see girls claim they get pregnant taking the pill religiously AND using condoms. all of the medical people I talk to say that this is so rare. i just need more insight i guess. how many of you guys are on the pill and use condoms? does it work for you?
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