Agatha (cokewithdrawl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Searching for a new GP advice

Hello VPers!

I need some advice in looking for a new GP or even a nurse practitioner.

A little of my history: I am a 30 year old cisfemale living in Oklahoma. I am married and have been in this monogamous relationship for almost 9 years. I have trouble with my self-image that stems from long time obesity; I am relatively healthy with the exception of having slightly high blood pressure because I'm a teacher. I have had issues with my reproductive health; I thought I had PCOS growing up and was on BC for most of my adult life; I have been off it for the last four months and have had four regular (for me) periods.

I need to get a new GP because I have new insurance- Aetna- and it's very good. In the next year or so, we hope to begin TTC and I would like to get my health squared away before we start. For the last few years, I've been seeing a wonderful nurse practitioner at a low-income health clinic and I wish I could continue seeing her, but my insurance doesn't cover visits at her clinic and I've been paying out of pocket for visits which I can't continue doing. I am EXTREMELY nervous about finding a new healthcare provider because I am extremely self-conscious of myself and nervous around doctors. I had a bad experience with a DO a few years ago (before I started seeing this NP) and I'm very scared about finding a new doctor. Having a female doctor is a must for me. I don't even know what to search for when looking for one that would suit my needs. My NP has an extremely good bedside manner and has been the ONLY healthcare provider that has set me at ease when I have my annual physicals and pelvic exams and I'm terrified about finding someone with whom I'd have a similar experience... ESPECIALLY since I'm looking to become a mom sometime in the near future.

VPers, any advice you could provide would help me. I got anxious and felt like tearing up while I was writing this entry, so finding a doctor that I click with is a very big deal to me. Aetna has an online doctor search that I've perused so I have that service, but I don't even know what questions to ask when I actually go to a new doctor. Thanks so much for any advice you could provide.
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