lovesouvenir (lovesouvenir) wrote in vaginapagina,

Too early for symptoms for pregnancy? Is it even a symptom?

I know everyone is different and each situation varies but I'm just looking for different experiences.... My question is, we had sex a day or two before I SHOULD have ovulated and on the day of as well. This was about a week ago. So there's certainly a possibility I'd say. Since a couple days after I've had a serious increase in discharge that is clear and stringy. Nothing serious that I need a liner for or anything but just not usual for me. For the most part there's little to no discharge after ovulation. I also have been a bit more on edge emotions wise. Either totally just want to cry about anything or am the biggest b*tch for no reason.

I just want to know if these are possible early signs/symptoms of pregnancy. Would i be experiencing different symptoms as well or is it too early for any what so ever? I won't get my period for another week so curiosity is getting the best Of me and I figured I'd ask for some opinions/experiences. What were your first signs you may be pregnant?

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