tsepnraiynag (tsepnraiynag) wrote in vaginapagina,

Abnormal pap?

Hi!  I haven't been on this site in years and am so happy to be back!  I've gotten a lot of good info here!

I recently received my pap test results.  I got a letter from my doctor that said that my results were abnormal and that she recommends seeing me back in a year.  Asking for me to not come for a year sounds like she isn't too concerned, but I am.  They weren't abnormal a year before.  The letter didn't specify in which way they were abnormal, and, from what online research tells me, that should be my first question when I call.

Should I insist on coming in sooner?  This scares me!  I probably should for peace of mind, but do I need to?  Should I do another test (there is some sort of other screening for HPV I think) instead?

I don't think I'm high risk for anything.  I have had two sexual partners and have been with the same partner since before my year-ago pap, which came back normal.  I do have a wart on my foot that is being treated right now, which is technically a form of HPV.  I don't see how a pap smear could reflect something on my foot though, unless I had something vaginally.  Scary!  I am super careful about not touching the wart without properly washing, and it is being treated and is almost gone, but still.


Thank you!
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