fivecentsfirst (fivecentsfirst) wrote in vaginapagina,

Micronor Mini-Pill - How Late is too Late?

Hey all,

I've been taking Micronor Ortho for about a month now (I also took it for a while in the past) and I know it's very time-sensitive birth control. Micronor is the only form of contraception my penis-bearing partner and I are using right now.

On the pack it says that "late" is three hours or more. I took my pill 20 minutes late today (I didn't hear my phone alarm go off). So, according to the pack I shouldn't need to use another method. But me being me, I'm paranoid! Anyone else use the mini-pill and have experience with "late" pills? I'm not too concerned at the moment, as I'm coming on to my period now and sexytimes aren't usually plentiful when I'm bleeding--plus, the pack says I'll be protected again after 48 hours of taking pills regularly, although my doctor suggested longer than that to be safe.

So, I'm not super worried, but I wanted other opinions. Should I be concerned?

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