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I have for 2 and a half month suffered from this constant "need to pee" feeling. I have bern treated for UTI, BV, yeast infection, overactive bladder (still taking those pills) and I got a cream to use agains sorness around the urethra opening (on friday I thought this was the cause, because it feels worse the more I use the bathroom and wipe, but guess that wont make things better).

Now I feel like the feeling is actually comming from the clitoris. I googles it, and found out about overmasturbating. Most information was about guys, and I don't know if the treatment us the same...

I didn't even know it was possible to damage anything down there! Masturbation is healty, and good for you! That is the general idea. Now I feel like crying knowing I caused this. I have ruined my life! My only hope is that this is treateble!

I would like to know if anyone have any suggestion for treatment? Herbal supplements?
I will start by abstaining! Might start with forever! The brand new expensive vibrator is not going to see daylight in a long long time!

I hope I can treat this, can't imagine living like this for the rest if my life! I am only 22, still a virgin. Still have a lot of thing to experience, and this had put a stop in my sosial life! And I can't focus on my clases at the university! This is a nigtmare, and I don't understand why the doctors have not mentioned this, or asked about anything other than sexual partners! (For ruling out an std)
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