Among the Chaos (eien_herrison) wrote in vaginapagina,
Among the Chaos

Reasons for absent/skipped period?

I'm sexually active but have tested negative (so far) on pregnancy tests. I am not using any method of birth control which could affect my periods.

The beginning of my last menstrual cycle was the 26th July, the next expected on the 23rd August. However, I lost my cat on the 12th of August and so put down to it being absent to stress, especially as I'd already skipped a period back in May this year which turned up nine weeks to the day after my April period. I'm now nudging up on three months without a period, putting me in secondary amenorrhoea.

So basically, what other than stress can cause a period to be absent or skipped?

I'm booking in to see someone soon, but I'd like to get information up and ready before I head over, so I know what to ask for/look for/get checked over.

I know my maternal aunt had endometriosis and her uterus removed because of it, and it's suspected my half-sister (related through my mother) has it. So, naturally, something to suspect.

However, searching through a few other things highlighted symptoms of hypothyroidism -- depressive episodes/mood instability, fatigue -- and possible PCOS -- anovulation (although that could be something else) and pelvic pain (both left and right, tends to be occasional twinges/'stings' there).

Aside from those things, is there anything else that I might need to be on the lookout for/ask about?
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