Kayla Ashley (kaylaashley985) wrote in vaginapagina,
Kayla Ashley

So this is s tampon related post I suppose, but I've got a question. My last period I stayed the night at s guy's house the last day of my period. Due to his impatience and my lack of self control, we had sex while I was wearing a tampon. I realize this is stupid, so please, there really is no need to reiterate the stupidity in my actions. Anyway, long story short, it appeared that my tampon vanished. I thought maybe it had fallen out. We searched his apartment, and he even searched inside my vagina, but we couldn't find it. So the next day, being dissatisfied, I decided to search myself one last time. Turns out the tampon was indeed still inside me, and was in fact lodged beneath my cervix. I was preparing myself to go to the ER or UC, because I could feel it but I couldn't grasp it. I finally managed to get it out myself. It was inside me over 24 hours.
The following month, I had a strange smell coming from my vagina. I could smell it, and I was so embarrassed. I decided it was something from the tampon. I decided to wait until my next period and see if the smell took care of itself. It's now half way through the next month and the smell is dying down, but I'm still a little self conscience about the smell. Any suggestions?

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