londonstdnt (londonstdnt) wrote in vaginapagina,

Depressed about my vulvar vestibulitis/vulodynia

I'm 26 and my VVS was caused by a small bartholin cyst rupturing whilst taking Yasmin.
I have just started university and find it hard to focus and make friends.

Naproxen and Extra strength voltarol make my living easier, but cannot take them for long.
I use codeine for the bad days until I see my GP
My entire Bartholin gland hurts on the affected vulva (only the right one) !!!
there is no visible inflammation or lump, just nerve pain.
Symptoms: I feel something which isn't there when I walk (a lump, but there is no lump), pulsating/buzzing and stabbing pains 2-3 times a day, and occasional aching. Arousal hurts as well, so sex is out of the question with this and my other problem, vaginismus.
I can walk for about half of the day, pretend to socialize, and then go home and study.
I cry every day, I feel I will never get better or get a boyfriend (I'm 26 and single).

No guy would want me, I'm worthless and depressed
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