.LIBERATED.WOMAN. (liberatedwoman) wrote in vaginapagina,

Update on my Zoladex 10.4mg situation

Hi Vpers!

I've posted here a few days ago about my situation with Zoladex 10.4mg.
Today I've been feeling that my heat waves are getting less, instead of being a couple of minutes feeling like I got a free example of hell, they have been for a few seconds and then gone, and taking some time till I feel them again, which makes me feel really happy - soon I will be completely free, I think!

Now what is bothering me is the current raise on my sex drive. Only today I started feeling like going crazy, and I am usually a very calm person about this, only acting differently when I have a partner, which I don't.

Does anyone here know how other women reacted when Zoladex was wearing off their system? Is it really normal this raise of sex drive?
I like my calm self... And would this mean that pretty soon I will have my period? I am so worried about this, I don't want to be a forever menopause, can't deal with the heat waves... 
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