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condom use for non-penetrative sex

I feel a bit stupid asking this, because I feel like I should be old enough to know the answer...

I'm cis-female and usually have sex with cis-male people (and am hopefully using those terms correctly!)

I'm wondering about the necessity of condoms for non-penetrative genital contact.  Pregnancy isn't a major concern for me, so my main concern is STI prevention.

Basically, I like rubbing my vulva on a partner's penis (not sure what the correct term for this is - frottage? Hot-dogging?), but I'm not sure whether I need to use a condom when I do this or not.

I use condoms for penetrative PIV activities, no question, but I am comfortable having oral sex with no condoms/dental dams (and I'm comfortable with that level of risk).  I feel like there is a lot of discussion of the STI risks of penetrative (vaginal or anal) sex and of oral sex, but not of the risks of genital contact without penetration.

I know that genital warts and herpes can be spread by skin-to-skin contact (and with fairly low risk if there isn't an active outbreak), but what level of STI risk am I looking at if I don't use a condom for non-penetrative genital contact?
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