winter_tulip (winter_tulip) wrote in vaginapagina,

What are periods like on the contraceptive implant (implanon/nexplanon)

I'm considering getting a contraceptive implant. I'm in the UK so it would be Nexplanon, although I understand that this is very similar to Implanon, so experiences with both are welcome.

I know that the implant can cause irregular or even prolonged bleeding, but I want to know what the symptoms that come along with the periods/bleeding are like on the implant - i.e. do you get cramps, period-related diarrhea, bloating, etc? I don't really mind bleeding, but I hate the fact that whenever I have a period my IBS flares up with cramps and loose stools.

Background story:
I'm currently on Microgynon 30. I feel fantastic while I'm taking the active pills, but I still get IBS flares and cramps during the breaks. The pain no longer starts a week in advance like it does on my natural cycle, so in that sense I'm happy with the Microgynon, but if there's a chance the implant could bring the same benefits without the disruptive breaks, perhaps I should try that?

I've tried taking Microgynon without breaks for 3 months at a time, which is fine apart from bloating during the third month, so if I decide against the implant I'll probably stick with taking 2-3 packs of Microgynon at a time, even though I worry about the possible health risks of so much estrogen.

I'm going to speak to the doctor on Tuesday to ask for either a repeat prescription of Microgynon or an implant, so anything that could help me decide is welcome.
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