ariana_08_08 (ariana_08_08) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vulvodynia cause constant "need to pee" feeling?

The question lies in the headline.
For 2 and a half month I have suffered from this constant "need to pee" feeling. I think I have (for several years) sufferd from a mild case of vulvodynia. It has never bothered me before, other than when inserting tampons. (Still a virgin, but have tried a vibrator, and no pain) can feel sorness around the opening otherwise. But since it has never bothered me, I have never asked a doctor about my self diagnosis.

For my "need to pee" feeling, I have been treated for UTI, BV, yeast infection and over active bladder (am still on medication for that (tried betmiga, and now vesicare)).

I have just forgot to mention that it feels like the feeling is from around the urethra opening and not the bladder (I just never thought too much about it, and... I don't know...)

But is there anyone out there suffering from vulvodynia, or someone else that can tell me if it is poosible that the sorness have spread (for some reason), and is now also around me urethra opening, and that this sorness can be the cause of this feeling?

I have a gynocologist apointment in the morning.

I had a cystoscopy done (but since I never mentioned my thoughts on this cooming from the outside) I don't think he looked at anything else than the inside of my bladder.
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