stonemesilly (stonemesilly) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hard lump inside vulva.

I got my period on Aug 21 and had unprotected sex on Sept 5. I missed my period and had a negative pregnancy test near the end of Sept. I thought I had started my period as I would see some blood on the tissue after the bathroom but it's been more like on and off spotting. I even wondered if perhaps I scratched myself because the blood looked very fresh, almost like a cut rather than the beginning of a period. About a week ago I noticed some soreness and dryness in the lips area. When I used the bathroom this morning I felt something hard almost like cartilage. At first I thought it was a wad of toilet paper because I noticed the tissue tore but feel as though it is the inner lip on the left side. I had my boyfriend look and he said that it looks normal but that the left side definitely feels different than the right side.

I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is normal and just never noticed it before or if something is wrong and I should get it checked out. He seems to think that it will probably go away in a few days and if not to go to the doctor. After that we had sex and I noticed that his penis smelled bad after he took it out. Any ideas on what could be going on. Also, I still haven't had a normal bleed since Aug 21 but the pregnancy test was taken more than 19 days after the last time we had sex. What do you think think?
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