SpirulinaDream (spirulinadream) wrote in vaginapagina,

Non-pleasurable/Uncomfortable Penetration. Vaginismus? Can I still use the MeLuna?

I am a virgin, 20 years old and I've never enjoyed anything going up inside me in my life. Tampons used to sometimes hurt coming out (the dry fibers tugged the delicate walls of my vagina when being pulled down/out) and I've never masturbated by fingering. I ONLY enjoy clitoral stimulation. I tried to finger myself wearing a rubber glove to make it easier but I couldn't get more than maybe 3cm in! It was too painful and tight! It's like I hit a wall and wont slide in. Is this common or do I have vaginismus? I was quite aroused and wet each time but no joy ensued...
I also am afraid to try even a small menstrual cup. This makes me quite sad because a menstrual cup is liberating away from home. (I plan on buying a MeLuna small-classic regardless of my condition just to own)(I don't use tampons. Haven't in over a year after switching to cloth pads)

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