Danny (oiseausansailes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Plan B and HBC

Hello all!

This may be a silly question, but there's no better place to ask it and I'm apparently not googling right. Last night a condom ripped on me and my boyfriend, so I took plan b this morning. I used to be on ortho tri cyclen lo, but hate taking hormonal birth control and had stopped prior to meeting my boyfriend and we have just been using condoms. However, after this incident, which isn't the first, I've decided to restart my hormonal birth control since I can't shell out $900 for a copper IUD just yet. My question is hormonal birth control effective immediately if taken the same day, similar to if you had taken it at the beginning of your period? I have no problems waiting the week to be safe.

Bonus question, which is related to male sexual organs instead of vaginas so if this isn't appropriate I'll remove it, but I don't know where else to ask. My boyfriend has a lot of issues maintaining erections, which we work around pretty well, but he also has a lot of testicular pain after we've been having sex for a while. He says it feels like a stretching or pulling and it's painful enough to make him stop. I've suggested going to the doctor, but he seems embarrassed. He has had to have a cyst removed surgically from a testicle, is it possible this is an unfortunate side effect of that?

Thank you, everyone!
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