purplebrick (purplebrick) wrote in vaginapagina,

Really frustrated with birth control pills.

So I had been on the pill with no issues for years, but in the last seven months I have had nothing but problems and I am beginning to get really frustrated.

I was on Aviane for 4.5 years with no issues. Took it the same time every day, period came when it was supposed to, it never gave me any skin problems, there was no weight gain and no real mood swings besides those of any 20-something woman.

Then all of a sudden there was spotting in the middle of the month..and then I was getting a period every two weeks...didn't matter when I was taking the pill. So I went to my doctor and she switched me to Alesse. No change...period's were still showing up whenever they felt like it...essentially in the middle of my pill pack and again at the end.
Went back to the doctor and she switched me to Tri-Cyclen Lo. It seemed to be okay for two months...but I started my new pack on September 23 while still having my last period...and now I am having another one while still taking my active pills.

I am starting to get extremely frustrated...mostly because I went for years with no problems...and secondly because I feel like I am wasting my money on these pills every month and they aren't doing what they are supposed to do. Especially when Tri-Cyclen is running me about $35 CAD every month.

I'm not sure what to do. Continue going to the doc and trying every pill there is? I'm not at all comfortable with the Nuvaring concept. I don't know much about the patch or how much it costs. But who knows if these will work for me either?
Should I be worried or should I just get over the fact that I am stuck with frequent periods?

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